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We want you, as parents, to enjoy your relationship with your child. We believe that flourishing and loving family relationships are key to building stable family life and, ultimately, these stable families are what build strong societies.  Yet parenting isn't aways easy! Every parent - every family - goes through difficulties at times. 

These pages (see menu left) are all about offering you suppport on issues that are common to many parents. Over time we hope to add to this library, so please feed back to us what you find useful, or what you would like to see in order to help make your family life more stable.

As an organisation, our members reach out to support parents in a number of ways: we support parents as they develop the faith life of their child; we campaign at the national and international level for governments to promote stable family life and put family policy at the heart of their agendas; and we train members as parenting facilitators to run parents’ groups. 

Parenting advice in a hurry? See our top tips below   For more indepth advice and help on parenting issues, as well as where to get further support on specific issues, visit our Family Life, Issues of Concern and Faith in the Family sections. 

Our top tips for mums and dads

What are the most important things we can offer our children?

  • Unconditional love – love them always, no matter what they do.
  • A sense of security – try and make their home a safe and loving place.
  • Encouragement – notice the good things they do. Praise and affirm them.
  • Attention – every day spend some quality time with each child.
  • Guidance – backed up by being a good example.
  • Boundaries – set age appropriate boundaries for your children and stick to them. Be kind but firm.
  • Respect – never dismiss what they say because they are only children.
  • Forgiveness – when things go wrong, deal with it and move on. Apologise yourself when you make mistakes.
  • Growing independence – learn to let go so that your child can grow in confidence and independence.


Download a bookmark version of the top tip for mums and dads to keep at hand and share with your friends during Parents' Week