Andrew Body encourages us to celebrate relationship

In the Book of Common Prayer, the wedding service is called ‘The Solemnisation of Matrimony’. That sounds so miserable. And though marriage is a serious business, how much more positive is the Common Worship Preface which says amongst other things that we have come together ‘to share their joy and celebrate their love’.

Some of us are more party animals than others, but all of us can find ways to celebrate the gifts of marriage – not only in occasional important things like anniversaries, but also in the little everyday things, like saying ‘I love you’ and doing things which make life better for each other.

Making time for each other is at the heart of this – you can’t celebrate very easily on your own. In the frantic lives we often lead, some find it immensely life-giving to have date nights when they do all in their power to avoid interruption and give each other quality time. Whether that time is used in riotous lovemaking, or playing Scrabble (or both) is by the way.

Getting together and staying together can sometimes seem such a serious business. But surely it should also be fun – at least some of the time!

Mothers’ Union is very grateful to the author of Growing Together: A guide for couples getting married Andrew Body, for kindly writing this article for our website.

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