Other Ways We Support Families

As well as supporting families through our centrally funded programmes, there are many other ways in which our members around the world are reaching out to and transforming their communities. Some of the great work carried out by our members includes: 

Re-integrating women prisoners

The Outgate project in Mauritius supports the reintegration of women prisoners, who are first offenders, with their families and into society after their sentence has finished. The project acts as a bridge between the prison and the community helping support the women by raising their self-esteem, providing relationship support to the whole family, and providing vocational skills to help them find work upon release. Funded by the Mauritius government, Mothers’ Union is the leading NGO on the project, working in collaboration with Prison Fellowship Mauritius for its implementation. The project is currently supporting 26 prisoners and their families.   We also work with  families affected by imprisonment in the UK.

Outreach visits to hospitals

In the UK and many countries around the world, Mothers’ Union members are actively involved in outreach visits to hospitals, maternity units and health clinics. Members sit with patients offering fellowship and prayer, and often take in supplies of soap and other toiletries for patients when these are not provided by the hospital. 

Parent & Toddler Groups

Many local Mothers' Union's run parent and toddler groups. Children and their parents gain support and a sense of community, often making life-long friendships. The groups can help overcome the sense of  isolation that many parents can feel, especially with their first child. In emerging countries Mothers' Unions are now offering day-care support for mums with toddlers in order to help them find part-time paid employment, helping alleviate the risk of poverty. 

Raising awareness of female genital mutilation

In Meru, Kenya Mothers’ Union members are raising awareness of female genital mutilation – a practice still carried out in some areas of Kenya.

Malaria prevention programme

In Aru, DR Congo Mothers’ Union members have initiated a malaria prevention programme. As part of the project Mothers’ Union have distributed nets to families. At the same time they have run community-based training events that explain the importance of using mosquito nets and how to use them properly as well as raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of malaria and where to get help.

Orphan care

In Aru, DR Congo Mothers’ Union run an orphan care programme which supports 50 orphans and their carers. Mothers’ Union provides training, pastoral support and some financial support for the carers, and organises social events for the orphans.