What It Means to be a Chaplain

The chaplain's role is primarily to support the trustees and members in a pastoral and spiritual capacity, affirming their activities and being a key point of contact within the local area. 

Chaplains in Mothers' Union are essential in upholding our mission. Through support and encouragement the chaplains work with their local members to realise their gifts and talents, in order to continue the mission and vision of Mothers' Union through many outreach activities, remembering its values at all times. Chaplains are not necessarily required to take part in all activities but support the work of members who do so in a spiritual and pastoral capacity.

Each Mothers' Union diocese in UK & Ireland appoints a chaplain. This voluntary appointment is generally made in consultation with the local diocesan bishop and lasts for a minimum of three years. 

Chaplains become a face of Mothers' Union and, along with the members, it is their responsibility to promote the organisation and challenge inaccurate perceptions throughout the wider church and general public. With the help of chaplains, Mothers' Union is able to grow and flourish in communities and transform lives for families at grassroots level. 

It has been my great privilege to have been involved in Mothers' Union over the past six years as your Diocesan Chaplain. In that time I have seen and experienced the great work that Mothers' Union members do in their local branches, as a diocese, nationally and internationally. I have seen so many gifts and talents used to help others near and far in the various projects that have been initiated and sustained by Mothers' Union members. It is not often that we stop and think about our specific God-given gifts but be assured everyone who chooses to follow Jesus has one or more."Rev Angela Dick

Being a Mothers' Union chaplain is multifaceted and can be hard work. However, those who have given their time to Mothers' Union, supporting members in their mission, have found new meanings to their vocation and felt great reward. 

If you are interested in becoming a chaplain please contact us for more information on the commitment and great rewards that come with the role. If you are already a chaplain we produce Mothers' Union prayers and services for you to use. You can also find ideas to help further your Mothers' Union ministry on the Inspired microsite.