Chaplaincy Team

Ambassadors for Mothers' Union to the worldwide Church

Every diocese has a Mothers’ Union chaplain who is appointed for a three year term with the possibility of one further term.

These chaplains are ambassadors for Mothers’ Union to the people they meet as part of their wider work. They promote Mothers’ Union and positively reflect our work and values.

Chaplains are the voice of Mothers’ Union both when they are in their community and when they are with other clergy. They represent Mothers’ Union at national Church council meetings. They play a part in building up and supporting Mothers’ Union groups in their area, and they encourage others to join Mothers’ Union.

They have a pastoral role with the members with whom they work. They pray with, and for, the members. When necessary they act as mediators between different members over issues or conflicts in their work and roles, and sometimes support members in their personal or local community situations.

They play a part in the running of worship, retreats and prayer days – in either a lead or supporting role. They encourage and nurture members’ gifts and contributions.

As well as diocesan chaplains, Mothers’ Union has a Central Chaplain who supports our trustees and staff. He also builds bridges with senior clergy and Mothers’ Union. He is nominated by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Board of Trustees. He is appointed for a three year term with the possibility of serving one further term. The current Mothers' Union Central Chaplain is The Right Revd Andrew Proud, Bishop of Reading. 

In Mothers’ Union we seek to live like Paul with our eyes fixed on Christ and in our hearts a rugged determination to keep going – no turning back!" Bishop Ken Clarke, Central Chaplain, 2010-2012

Mothers' Union chaplains, or priests who are interested in becoming a Mothers' Union chaplain, can find more information in I'm a Mothers' Union Chaplain