How We Work

In the 80+ countries where we currently work there is not one place where there is not enormous pressure of families, on relationships and on community life. Mothers’ Union responds where it can with expertise, credibility and a passion to create positive change. Members give of their time, their expertise and their resources to do all they can to support stable family life in their own communities.  Their contribution to community life wherever they live in the world is very much faith in action as being part of Mothers’ Union strengthens their faith life.

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Our Parenting Programme is now supporting parents in over 20 countries

Our Church & Community Mobilisation Process is a community driven assets-based approach that helps Mothers’ Union members around the world to work with their community to identify needs and find practical and life-saving solutions

Our Literacy & Financial Education Programme, started in 2000, has enabled over 130,000 people in Burundi, Ethiopia, Malawi, Sudan and South Sudan to achieve an accredited qualification in literacy learning, helping thousands of families out of poverty

We also fund nearly 300 Community Development Coordinators who work with local members to identify needs and find solutions within their communities, often working with the core programmes

Our Away From it All project allows families in the UK who are experiencing stress to experience a holiday or family day out