Thy Kingdom Come

"Thy Kingdom Come is not only a great initiative of the Archbishop of Canterbury, calling us to pray for friends and family to come to fifth in Jesus, it is a rediscovery of the great New Testament story of how the early Church spent the period between Ascension Day and Pentecost. This year the Mothers' Union service is coming from Coventry Cathedral, a wonderful place where so much prayer and work for reconciliation has gone on. What more appropriate holy space to host the service which focuses on our need for reconciliation with God made possible by the death and resurrection of Christ. I hope that we will all be inspired to enter into,the work of reconciliation by praying for those known to us to come to know Jesus"

 - The Very Reverend Robert Key, Thy Kingdom Come team

On 14th April members of Mothers' Union joined together at Coventry Cathedral for our 2018 Thy Kingdom Come service. Featuring a preformance from Birmingham Communion Gospel Choir,  the Very Revd Bob Key preaching and a wide range of worship, the service was also broadcast live so members around the world could join together in fellowship. if you were unable to tune in live then you can click on the above video to watch a recording of the service 



We have also produced special Midday Prayers  for the period which you can download here and some Thy Kingdom Come resources which you can download here  

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